Saturday, December 25, 2010

Lord Loundon's bridge

The story of Lord Loundon's bridge began several centuries ago . What started off as a large mistake turned into today's major route over the river. Though the project was began with much fanfare and material as it progressed it was thought of as.. Impossible to complete. So materials and size of the bridge changes has you move towards the center of the bridge. What begins with a 40 foot span of high quality granite turns to what he could scavenge and steel. At the center of the bridge it is span of slightly less than 10 feet. But this is where the royal family became involved seeing how much was done without paying any money. The royal family started to subsidize the bridge. So that when the project was finished it was back to granite and a 40 foot span at the end.

It was at this time that a loophole was found in the charter of the bridge. Anyone who lived on the bridge was not subject to any taxes. This led to a building boom of houses and shops attaching themselves to the sides of the bridge.The tax collectors soon closed this loophole by not allowing any construction material to be added to the bridge from any carts, wagons, or boats. But the local people would use what floated down the river. This is led to a ramshackle and unsafe sections of businesses and homes.

The situation is that a small village is attached to the sides of the bridge, being unable to grow out from the bridge they have constructed over the bridge with buildings leaning towards the center of the span. This leads to chances of building material and other objects following on those below just by simply walking across the bridge. Combat on the bridge with wild movements and jumping will lead to the combatants possibly falling through the bridge to the river below. It is also possible that persons who possess the knowledge can cross the bridge through the buildings using the businesses side doors and balconies.

Bridge day is an annual event celebrated by the city. During this celebration there is a joust using the bridge as the tilt. It has been known to happen that several buildings collapse into the river or fall towards the middle to lean against their opposing neighbor. It is thought that the Royals are using this has a way of removing people and buildings from the bridge. But the dispossessed always seem to find a new way of building onto the bridge.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Challenging a new tech.

Beginning new experience.


Have been trying to find ways to communicate via Internet with other gamers. Was having a hard time with the communication due to typing skills being rather lackluster. I'm now trying new voice-activated software to assist with my development of writing skills.

It seems to be working rather well it's helping me develop what I call my head in a jar mentality where I could communicate with others that share similar interests. This also allows me to move beyond my chimeric lead challenged skills with the computer. I have always been told that I do not write as eyes open and that my spoken words show up higher development of the English language. This so thanks to modern technology and a new laptop and unfortunately a fall I have invested in this software.

Hopefully this will lead to longer and better developed articles, blog entries, and written communication with all of my gaming friends. :-) I would like to thank all of the followers of my blogs for their support over the year and with the encouraging e-mails that they are sent. I will now attempt over the next week to post new encounter each day by midnight to challenge myself and this new technology.

So I will begin the challenge and rise to the occasion. :-) Classes

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thought's on Game Mastering

What do Game Masters really want? They want a group of good size but not to small nor to large. They want people to roleplay but to move the adventure along and not bog down. They want a group tohave some internal conflict but not to lose it cohesion They would like thier adventures to be deadly but not to be a killer DM they want thier players to have power but not to much that they have a cake walk They want to have prep time but love to fly by the seat of thier pants.

As a Game master I found that the best way to handle this is to concentrate on just having fun when you game. give everyone a chance and just concentrate on fun factor. Relaxing and just giving the PC's enough to do but not to over load them make sure they take notes to help remind them of the tasks they are working on and important NPC's and information. I alwaysed look at running a gane like a movie very few movies are over two to three hours so gaming sessions should be set toio have a break at a good plot time for food and restroom breaks.

If using minis allow them to help set the scene our group played at a small table so it was decided to forgo the mini and leave the snakes in the middle. It requiredthat I develop a more verbal GM style for combat and give it a more even flow. We also movevd to 10 secound per round six rounds per combat turnwith intative added largest roll going first with a NASA style countdown to one and then a restart on the next round. PC could then occupy themselves with other things until their action was needed.

More updates and  rants to follow.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Testing out new tech

Trying to set up smoother communication between my accounts so that I can put the internet ablaze. From my new computer set up. So that all can glean out from my wisdom

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Blog.

I have been working at developing this new blog and think I have it set to go so here it is. Hopefully the first of many awe inspiring  and thought provoking posts.