Sunday, December 19, 2010

Challenging a new tech.

Beginning new experience.


Have been trying to find ways to communicate via Internet with other gamers. Was having a hard time with the communication due to typing skills being rather lackluster. I'm now trying new voice-activated software to assist with my development of writing skills.

It seems to be working rather well it's helping me develop what I call my head in a jar mentality where I could communicate with others that share similar interests. This also allows me to move beyond my chimeric lead challenged skills with the computer. I have always been told that I do not write as eyes open and that my spoken words show up higher development of the English language. This so thanks to modern technology and a new laptop and unfortunately a fall I have invested in this software.

Hopefully this will lead to longer and better developed articles, blog entries, and written communication with all of my gaming friends. :-) I would like to thank all of the followers of my blogs for their support over the year and with the encouraging e-mails that they are sent. I will now attempt over the next week to post new encounter each day by midnight to challenge myself and this new technology.

So I will begin the challenge and rise to the occasion. :-) Classes

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