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MILITARY WRITERS SOCIETY OF AMERICA ANNOUNCES 2013 BOOK AWARD WINNERS Submitted by Dwight Zimmerman on September 29, 2013 - 13:50   ZARBUL MASALHA: 151 Afghan Dari Proverbs by active duty U.S. Navy Captain Edward Zellem which won the Gold Medal for Reference was one of the many highlights in the Military Writers Society of America (MWSA) 2013 book awards ceremony held this year in Dayton, Ohio. The MWSA book awards recognize outstanding military-themed books in a wide range of categories from children to adult. The categories include fiction, non-fiction, spiritual/religious, poetry, business/how to, and others. Entries included works published in traditional and e-book formats. Finalists range from first-time authors to New York Times bestselling writers.   “The annual awards program is MWSA’s most important and exciting function. We focus on content, style, visual, and technique. Each year more active military, veterans, historians, and bestselling writers submit their works and the rich variety of formats includes novels, poetry, and graphic histories. Each year, the competition is more intense, and 2013 is no exception,” said MWSA president and New York Times bestselling author Dwight Jon Zimmerman. “I am particularly proud of Captain Zellem’s award which received praise from officials in the Afghan government” Zimmerman added, "I also congratulate Author of the Year Bob Doerr, President's Award winner Maria Edwards, and Founder's Award Winner Cathryn Prince. The Author of the Year award recognizes a writer's body of work, and Bob has created an outstanding collection of books that would be an asset to anyone's library. Maria Edwards has been an integral part of MWSA since the beginning, and the organization would not have achieved the success it has without her tireless effort and support. Cathryn Prince's book DEATH IN THE BALTIC highlights the greatest maritime disaster in the world--greater than the sinking of the Titanic--yet one that was almost instantly forgotten in history. Impreccably researched and compellingly written, her book well deserves the Founder's Award." The Military Writers Society of America is an association of more than 800 authors, poets, artists, and photographers whose core principle is a love of the men and women who defend this nation, and an understanding and respect of their sacrifice and dedication. Below is the complete list of the 2013 MWSA book award winners.   AUTHOR OF THE YEAR   Bob Doerr   PRESIDENT’S AWARD   Maria Edwards   FOUNDER’S AWARD   DEATH IN THE BALTIC Cathryn Prince   REFERENCE   GOLD MEDAL ZARBUL MASALHA: 151 Afghan Dari Proverbs Edward Zellem     HISTORY   GOLD MEDAL GEORGE 3-7th MARINES: A Brief Glimpse Through Time of a Group of Young Marines James Nicholson   SILVER MEDAL BLACKHORSE RIDERS Phillip Keith   SILVER MEDAL THE BAD BOY: Bert Hall, Aviator and Mercenary of the Skies Blaine Pardoe   GOLD MEDAL CHOSIN FILE Dale Dye   GOLD MEDAL DOG SOLDIER MOON Mike McKendree Long III   GOLD MEDAL WEDDED TO WAR Jocelyn Green   SILVER MEDAL SOLO VIETNAM Jeanette Vaughan   SILVER MEDAL FOR GOD AND COUNTRY Mark Bowlin   SILVER MEDAL TULLYKILLANE, 1941 David Andrew Westwood   SILVER MEDAL PASS IN REVIEW – Honor Brian Utermahlen   HISTORICAL FICTION   BRONZE MEDAL HAMFIST DOWN George Nolly   BRONZE MEDAL THE GIRL WHO SWAM TO ATLANTIS Elle Thornton   THRILLER/MYSTERY   GOLD MEDAL THE RENEGADES Tom Young   SILVER MEDAL TOM CLANCY PRESENTS: ACT OF VALOR Dick Couch, George Galdorisi, S. Weber   BRONZE MEDAL THE RENDITION Albert Ashforth   SCIENCE FICTION/FANTASY/HORROR   GOLD MEDAL THE DONORS Jeffrey Wilson   ROMANCE   SILVER MEDAL NAVY RULES Geri Krotow   LITERARY FICTION   GOLD MEDAL FLASHES OF WAR Katey Schultz   SILVER MEDAL CIB: COMBAT INFANTRYMAN BADGE Wilbur (Bill) Rambow   BRONZE MEDAL A QUEST FOR SKYE John Rothdiener   SHORT STORY COLLECTION   GOLD MEDAL TYING UP WATER AND OTHER STORIES Ross H. Mackenzie   SILVER MEDAL MY CORPS: Short Stories and Reflections Zivojin Rackovitch   CREATIVE NON-FICTION   SILVER MEDAL LETTERS FOR LOGAN Debra Bastian   BRONZE MEDAL THE NIGHT SKY: A Journey from Dachau to Denver and Back Maria Sutton   HUMOR   SILVER MEDAL RAPSCALLION SUMMER David Michaelson   MEMOIR   GOLD MEDAL MY SPECIAL FORCE: The Warriors That Taught Me the Meaning of Live and Love H. S. Means   SILVER MEDAL THIRTY DAYS WITH MY FATHER: Finding Peace from Wartime PTSD Christal Presley   BRONZE MEDAL LOVE AT FIRST FLIGHT: Adventures, Exploits, Sacrifices, Risks, and Rewards Captain W. Stewart Orr USN (ret.) and Fran Orr   BRONZE MEDAL BACK TO VIETNAM: Tours of the Heart R. Bruce Logan   BRONZE MEDAL SKETCHES OF A BLACK CAT Ron and Howard Miner   GRAPHICAL   BRONZE MEDAL CODE WORD: GERONIMO Dale Dye and Julia Dye     HOW TO: BUSINESS   BRONZE MEDAL GET RICH IN A NICHE: The Insider’s Guide to Self-Publishing in a Specialized Market Jeffrey W. Bennett   BRONZE MEDAL INSIDER’S GUIDE TO SECURITY CLEARANCES Jeffrey W. Bennett     AUDIO BOOK   SILVER MEDAL USERNAME Joyce Faulkner, Performed by M. D. Mullins   BIOGRAPHY   GOLD MEDAL STILL HAVING FUN: A Portrait of the Military Marriage of Rex and Bettie George 1941-2007 Candace George Thompson   GOLD MEDAL LIFE ON A $5 BET: Major General Edward J. Mechenbier Linda Swink   SILVER MEDAL MY TRUE COURSE: Dutch Van Kirk Northumberland to Hiroshima Suzanne Simon Dietz   BRONZE MEDAL SILAS SOULE: A Short, Eventful Life of Moral Courage Thomas Bensing     SPIRITUAL/RELIGIOUS   GOLD MEDAL STORIES OF FAITH AND COURAGE FROM THE HOME FRONT Jocelyn Green SPIRITUAL/RELIGIOUS continued     GOLD MEDAL STORIES OF FAITH AND COURAGE FROM THE VIETNAM WAR Larkin Spivey   SILVER MEDAL LISTEN FOR THE WHISPERS: Coping With Grief and Learning to Live Again Kim Kluxen Meredith     POETRY   GOLD MEDAL PASS THE SALT, DOC Mike Mullins and Jim Greenwald   GOLD MEDAL WISHING FOR RAIN Jim Greenwald   SILVER MEDAL MITAKUYE OYASIN Jim Greenwald   CHILDREN: AGES 12 AND BELOW   GOLD MEDAL HAYSOOS THE HONU Kristin Barnes   SILVER MEDAL PICKYSAURUS MAC Sandra Miller Linhart   BRONZE MEDAL SPANKY: A Soldier’s Son Sue LaNeve   BRONZE MEDAL LION’S PRIDE: A Tail of Deployment Grace Anne Remey     YOUNG ADULT   GOLD MEDAL BUTTERFLY DUST Nubby Grumpins (David Michaelson)   GOLD MEDAL BACKCOUNTRY FURY: A Sixteen-Year-Old Patriot in the Revolutionary War Tony Zeiss   SILVER MEDAL FAMOUS DOGS: Changing History One Dog (& Cat) at a Time) Pat McGrath Avery   BRONZE MEDAL GRAND SLAM GROOMING DOGS SPEAK OUT Pat McGrath Avery

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