Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Wonderful Visual Outlining The 7 Steps of Good Storytelling

A Wonderful Visual Outlining The 7 Steps of Good Storytelling ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

One of the wonderful things about this learning space (I mean this blog) is that it is built collaboratively around a shared interest.   This is what James Paul Gee called  'passionate affinity learning' . "Passionate-affinity learning occurs when people organize themselves in the real world and/or via the Internet (or a virtual world) to learn something connected to a shared endeavour, interest, or passion. The people have an affinity (attraction) to the shared endeavour, interest, or passion first and foremost and then to others because of their shared affinity ( P. 69 from  "Language and Learning in The Digital Age "). And as much as you learn from things I share here with you I also get to learn a great deal from you. I receive tons of emails of edttech resources, app suggestions, related articles...etc and I must admit that hasn't it been for your help, the content of this blog would not have been as rich and diverse as it is now.

Today's post is one example of this collaborative co-construction of the content of this blog. I was sent this wonderful graphic from one of my readers and I found it very relevant to what we have been talking about in the digital storytelling section here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. The infographic below has been designed byCMA and features the 7 steps to the perfect story. Check it out and share with us what you think of it. Enjoy

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