Sunday, October 27, 2013

Remembering the book that started you storytelling MOOC #1


The Future of Storytelling MOOC #1

When I was thinking about this assignment  it made me delve deep into what I have enjoyed/ influenced me.I came back to a classic series that shaped  my entire literary world. It was filled with intriguing plots and characters  My love of reading start with these books because they where The Dick and Jane books that everyone  in my generation was taygh to read with.Dick and Jane would run, the dog would run and bark . Dick and Jane also rode bikes without any SAFETY equipment. Bad Dick, Bad Jane..

I remeber very little parental involvment in the book So BAD Dick's mommy The Father would come home after his work was done and play with his son or do manly chores around the hose Until the little lady whipped up a fine home cooked meal. because if she didn't. Run Mom Run. Look back at the books  I now see the thin vainer that perfect unattainable  family. But hats me being a world weiry adult. But through my child eye it was the beginning of a life fillede with other stories.

Now on to the story of the story as it were. This begins with the story of my parents born in the early 1920's so they were depression child and WW2 vets. both left school early has in grade school level to help their respective families so they were very isolated within their comfort zone. With this new literacy I was able to grow into a veracious read up to this day and with that knowledge I was able to allow them to increasetheir comfort zoneof learn from dick and jane tothe local newspaper to entire enclopias from the grocery store each week as my treat. There with me where my parents asking question about what we had read. So that by giving me access to more and more books of wider topic we we elevating ourselves. Very tricky

Now I am a visual learner that has lost his vision and looking to find a new way to share and communicate..As I say I am a stone age man in a quest for the technologic fire that will lead me to this new age.



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